What a lovely day! We went to sit outside for lunch because the weather was so lush. 

Saw this yellow door at the weekend. Took a picture because I like it.


I was so excited when my best mate jack was coming down to London to go to a gig!! I couldn't get to camden faster :) I only got to see him for a really short period of time. Like barely an hour :( I miss him lots xx


My creepers are getting a bit worn...

Green Nails

I love sofe's new nail varnish. It goes so well with her dark hair :)

Natashas shoes

A girl with an amazing shoe collection came to work at JL last week She only seemed to be around for a few days but I managed to take a pic of one of her fab pairs of shoes. These ones are by Acne. Love them but doubt I could walk in them! x

Me today :

My T-shirt is stolen.


Haha awh little em doesn't like her picture being taken...TUFFFFF.  :) Loved the outfit she wore today. Gorgeous wide leg trousers, so wide they look like a skirt, with a cute spring floral print. They are £45 from Topshop & there are a couple of other prints / colours too! She wears them with a jersey button up top which looks ace. I also think they would look smashing if you put them with a pretty blouse and some kind of crop cardi/jacket to even out the high waist-ness
Also LVE em's hair! Reddddd.

Today, my friends looked vintage.

...So I snapped their outfits all together..awh don't they look lovely

Today I wore...

Black maxi dress - Topshop
Laddered Jumper - Topshop
Cropped leather jacket - H&M
Suede fringed waistcoat - Forever 21
Leather backpack - Topshop
Tights - Probably Topshop

Today Emily LOVED flowers! I think the top goes really well with the flared jeans & the shape of the top at the back is LURRVLEYY. Amazing bag, wonder how much knitting she managed to fit in there today hmmm :) x

Make up.

Laura milly's make up is HOT x

Laura Milly

Today I met my friend Laura milly after work. I haven't seen her in such a long time! She looks FANTASTIC. Loving her new fringe and dark hair especially. Took a few snaps of what she was wearing <3

Fifi's bag.

Love the rusty tones of sophie's coat and bag. Great combo x

Georgies scarf...

Look how LUSHHHH this scarf is, worn by my friend georgie x

Today I ate..

Crumpets with butter & jam...YUM x

My crochet square

I've been working on this for a while now and i'm not sure what to do with it.....

'The chair'

I saw this chair on the walk to my tube station and thought it was SO amazing. I really wanted to use it for something because clearly nobody else wanted it! Would of been kind of awkward walking up the street with a chair. Anyway, today i walked past again to find the chair thrown across the other side of the road with all of its legs snapped off :( Will it be there tomorrow?

Today I wore...

A lace dress with peter pan collar & 2 necklaces..russian doll which was a present off my friend Laura, and a boombox! x

My friends at John lewis bought me the dress for my birthday..its from topshop. My brogues are from office they come in brown too and i think they were around £60. I got my ring from topshop about 3 years ago, and my timex watch was a present, it was £'s a bit dirty though!

Company magazine

So at the weekend i got snapped by this really nice girl who was from company magazine! My style must be good.. hahaha


So i dipped my ends in bright pink! I was worried that my hair would be WAY too short for it to look any good, but i actually think it looks alright! I used 'smart' hair dye from superdrug. You can also get it in plum, purple, blue and blonde. I wonder how many people will look like me in a few weeks time.. HMMM 

This is my work friend Tahlia, She looks well hot with a scarf tied around her head!

Met a woman at pure trade show in london. She was wearing these ACE pair of creepers. Loved them.


I put this make up on really badly and it took me about 10 minutes. I used Barry M pink blush, stargazer yellow eyeshadow, collection 2000 dazzle dust highlight, Rimmel red lipstick and some black eyeliner.