Hi, here is my latest look, featuring my AMAZING new shoes!
They are from choies you can buy them
They do come up a little bit small, I am a size UK 6 and they are a little bit tight on my toes but not too much that I can't walk in them!
Sunglasses are from ASOS,
Leather jacket from H&M
Jeans from Topshop
Polka dot mesh top from Topshop
Really love this outfit, hope you do too!
Please hype if you like!
x Trixie x

all of the lights....

Hello & Merry Christmas! I decided to capture some Crazy lights that are up on some of the houses near me! They look so amazing!! <br> Will be posting my xmas haul soon! <br> Trixie x


Hi everyone!! So I have recently become a member of the MOTEL street team!!
This means all of my friends & people who read my blog get 20% off MOTEL!!
I've made a layout page above showing a perfect Christmas party outfit idea!
You can buy all of the items at
Please send a picture of your motel xmas party outfits to
and I will post them on here!

versace versace.

Hi everyone, here is my latest outfit post featuring one of my favorite ever purchases!
My Versace Jeans
I got these from ebay about 2 years ago for £50, I was SOOOO happy as i'd always wanted a pair! I just love the print on them, so classic. It just goes to show, when you're looking for something rare, ALWAYS check ebay!
Please check out my lookbook too!
Thanks, Trixie x

Counting Crows.

Hi everyone,
This is my latest look featuring some new purchases!
Shoes - £30 Topshop Sale
MOM Jeans - £40 Topshop
Knit top - £28 Topshop
Bag - £24 Topshop Sale
Knitted Beanie - £14 Urban Outiftters
Sun Necklace - £8 Outfit
Set of silver rings - £12 Topshop
Feel free to hype / comment!
Peace out.

Party Time!!

Hi Everyone, I've created a new style page for some inspiration on what to wear this party season! Hopefully it will help you out with some ideas if you're struggling to find something! I'd love to see what your party outfits look like! Might run a competition where best outfit wins a prize!!
Let me know your thoughts!t x

Adams Air Max 90 Sneaker Boots

 Recently my boyfriend Adam purchased these Air Max 90 Sneaker Boots.
They are pretty cool for winter as they have extra grip on the sole and an inner scuba-like sock which will keep your feet nice and warm.
The main fabrics are suede and canvas.
I also love the fact they are natural tones with red and blue accents.
They were £115 which is quite a lot but considering a standard pair of airmax 90s is usually around £80-90, these have extra features so are pretty much worth it.
Anyway let me know what you think of these!

Kate Fig Knitwear.

I'd like to introduce Kate Fig.
She's a young textile designer, graduating from Derby University (which I also graduated from!), and she's just released her first collection of pom pom scarves! These scarves are chunky knit and have vibrant pom poms on each end, which will look great this winter with your favourite coat! I Love these scarves so much, and what makes them extra special is that they are lovingly hand made.
You can buy one from HERE for £24.99 which is a great price for a hand made item.
This is a limited collection so only a handful are available!
Make sure you get yours before they're all gone!


New look added today, wearing some of my most recent purchases & also a poppy since its remembrance sunday!
Please leave me a comment or hype if you have!

Roy Lichtenstein fancy dress

Hi everyone, so for my halloween outfit I wanted to try something a bit different. I thought zombie/blood kinda theme is getting a bit old now so I thought I'd do something a bit more fresh! I took my inspiration when i saw a photo on pinterest of a model with Lichtenstein make up on. I think it was done my Mac. Theres also a few tutorials i looked at online but mainly just used the photo! It took about 1 hour to do all the make up which is quite a long time, so patience is key! I managed to get a yellow wig from a fancy dress shop in Nottingham and a blue dress from ASOS which was only £10 in the sale! Overall I think it turned out pretty well, although a lot of people didn't know what I was. I think it was probably because they aren't into art but then again I thought good old roy was pretty famous! Anyway please have a look at my attempt and tell me what you think!! x


Mitzi is our little kitten. Heres her story... So I was just at work and a colleague walked in and asked 'does anyone want a kitten' I was like hmm why? and he said that his wife had been walking their baby down the street when she saw a woman kicking a screwed up blanket and screaming. Suddenly out rolled a kitten from the blanket and my colleauges wife asked 'what on earth are you doing' to this the woman replied 'JUST DROWN IT OR SOMETHING' so obviously she rescued the kitten and took her in for a few days, but couldn't keep her because they have a small baby. When I heard this story I just couldn't say no, I felt so sorry for the kitten and I didn't want her to go through anymore stress of being re-homed and possibly not looked after! So thats why shes with me! :-) I love little Mitzi, I think she's having a great life now after such a bad start!


Took some photos of my boyfriend Adam yesterday while we were out :-)
His hat is from Norse Projects & shirt from Carhartt.

Meet me in autumn...

Here is my latest Lookbook post featuring some of my October purchases.
Coat is Minkpink & Boots are Monki
Hope you like it