Check ma Sweat yuhhh. Seriously I love this statement piece!
was such a find at the Lazy oaf sample sale
Only £20!!
Hope you like my look!

Daîz¥ ChåIN

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Introducing my outfit of this tuesday:

After work, me & my boyfriend adam decided to go skating on our penny boards.
Haven't been on them for a while so was great to get out on them!
I chose to wear my hindu god t-shirt which I got last year in like march..i've hardly ever worn it.
Think it looks pretty naughti with jeans and sk8 hi's though
My peace diamante glasses were a complete bargain..only £1 from primark! boom!
The hat is Lazy Oaf and was about £25 I think.
I bought my penny board in Barcelona for 110 euros. Was awesome skating around Barcelona, I love reflecting on it!!


Hat - Lazy Oaf
Sunglasses - Primark
Tee - Ebay
Jeans - Topshop
Vans Sk8 hi - Schuh

Out takes

A few more pics of my outfit of the day x

HAUL 04.08.13

At the weekend I took a trip to London with my Boyfriends little sister rose, for her birthday since she has never been shopping there before! She spent most of the time in forever 21 / primark because they are nice and cheap and she is only 13 years old so can't afford topshop etc! Anyway I managed to pick up a few cool pieces to add to my wardrobe....

Cat print crop top - £8.95 Forever 21
Glitter crop vest - £6 Primark
Style your own necklace - £2.50 Primark
Peace diamante glasses - £1 Primark