Mitzi is our little kitten. Heres her story... So I was just at work and a colleague walked in and asked 'does anyone want a kitten' I was like hmm why? and he said that his wife had been walking their baby down the street when she saw a woman kicking a screwed up blanket and screaming. Suddenly out rolled a kitten from the blanket and my colleauges wife asked 'what on earth are you doing' to this the woman replied 'JUST DROWN IT OR SOMETHING' so obviously she rescued the kitten and took her in for a few days, but couldn't keep her because they have a small baby. When I heard this story I just couldn't say no, I felt so sorry for the kitten and I didn't want her to go through anymore stress of being re-homed and possibly not looked after! So thats why shes with me! :-) I love little Mitzi, I think she's having a great life now after such a bad start!


Took some photos of my boyfriend Adam yesterday while we were out :-)
His hat is from Norse Projects & shirt from Carhartt.

Meet me in autumn...

Here is my latest Lookbook post featuring some of my October purchases.
Coat is Minkpink & Boots are Monki
Hope you like it

Innocent big knit 2013

I'm very proud to say that myself and my boyfriends little sis Rose, have taken part in the innocent big knit 2013 to help raise money for age uk, so elderly people stay warm in winter!
Here are some pics of the little hats we knitted & sent off! (p.s it was rose's first time at knitting!

Booted Not Suited by Leren Connor

Today I am featuring a designer who attended the same university as me.
Leren Connor
Her most recent collection, 'Booted not suited' takes everyday workwear and clashes it with bold, statement prints, to create outfits that make women stand out and feel empowered as well as still looking smart for work. This is a fantastic idea as I think a lot of designers forget that women today spend half their time at work, therefore need and want something a bit more exciting to wear other than a black suit! I have posted up some pictures from the AW13 Lookbook.
Check out her facebook page HERE
Leren also has an accessories line which includes quirky hand-made jewellery, you can check this out HERE

Terrible Movement

Now here is a gem I've recently came across. Terrible Movement
It's an awesome London-Berlin Brand specializing in HOT wordplay tees worn by the likes of Cara Delevingne.
Not to mention its also an ETHICAL brand which means its certainly a cut above the rest! The AW13 Lookbook, photographed and conceptualised by Alexandra Waesp is shot in analog on an old university campus in Berlin which creates a dark mysterious mood, however is perfect for the garments to stand out and make a real statement.
I love the feel this collection, if you think its fresh you can check it out HERE
Or scroll down to see snaps from the AW13 Lookbook

Goose Fair

About 2 weeks ago, I visited Goose Fair in Nottingham, which is the largest fair in the whole of europe apparently! Took some pretty cool pictures. I love the fairground scene. Bassline, flashing lights and old men
Hope you like the photos! x


Hello, happy sunday ! x I decided to do a look this morning. kind of inspired by the film clueless. I used a dress which i brought in summer and layered it over a clean white shirt with scallop neck detail. Kind of also reminds me of Miu Miu :-) Decided to rock the socks and sandals combo too, think it looks pretty good though. Would love to know what everyone thinks! x

Hyde Park *review*

I bought these shoes a while back, and i can't help but LOVE them! They are called 'Hyde Park' and are from ASOS. They look quite high in on the website, but actually they aren't as high as you think because of the large platform on the front. I have gone on a night out in them and managed not to take them off! So they are a pretty comfy shoe.
They look great with or without socks. I've styled them with some sheer cactus socks from Monki The shoes are still available to buy for £70 Click Here to buy them x