Mitzi is our little kitten. Heres her story... So I was just at work and a colleague walked in and asked 'does anyone want a kitten' I was like hmm why? and he said that his wife had been walking their baby down the street when she saw a woman kicking a screwed up blanket and screaming. Suddenly out rolled a kitten from the blanket and my colleauges wife asked 'what on earth are you doing' to this the woman replied 'JUST DROWN IT OR SOMETHING' so obviously she rescued the kitten and took her in for a few days, but couldn't keep her because they have a small baby. When I heard this story I just couldn't say no, I felt so sorry for the kitten and I didn't want her to go through anymore stress of being re-homed and possibly not looked after! So thats why shes with me! :-) I love little Mitzi, I think she's having a great life now after such a bad start!

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