Roy Lichtenstein fancy dress

Hi everyone, so for my halloween outfit I wanted to try something a bit different. I thought zombie/blood kinda theme is getting a bit old now so I thought I'd do something a bit more fresh! I took my inspiration when i saw a photo on pinterest of a model with Lichtenstein make up on. I think it was done my Mac. Theres also a few tutorials i looked at online but mainly just used the photo! It took about 1 hour to do all the make up which is quite a long time, so patience is key! I managed to get a yellow wig from a fancy dress shop in Nottingham and a blue dress from ASOS which was only £10 in the sale! Overall I think it turned out pretty well, although a lot of people didn't know what I was. I think it was probably because they aren't into art but then again I thought good old roy was pretty famous! Anyway please have a look at my attempt and tell me what you think!! x


  1. This outfit is just incredible, the best halloween outfit I've seen. I have featured you in my post on recent blog finds, hope you don't mind :)
    Style With Friends

    1. Wow thank you! I am honored & of course I don't mind :-) xx

  2. Wow, The Roy Lichtenstein fancy dress looks stunning, I have to get this article and share it with everyone to let them all know about how we can look this gorgeous, Would love to see more from you.