Bittersweet lookbook post & mini weekend haul..

Hi everyone, so my coat & jewellery I ordered from Romwe finally arrived on friday!! Wahoo!
The overall quality for the price is actually ok, I wasn't sure what to expect.
What I would say is that it takes quite a long time to arrive, I think I have been waiting for arounf 1 month.
so be 100% sure you want something before you place an order
All other items I am wearing are from Topshop.
I especially love the shirt!!
I also went into Nottingham today and picked up a few items...Mac Nylon eyeshadow which is a staple piece in my makeup bag
Its a great shadow to try if you are new to Mac! I use it as a highlight on my brow bone and in the corners of my eyes to brighten them up!
I also picked up some goodies from Lush
Rose Jam Bubbleroom, which is a kind of bath bomb except you crumble it into the bath to make bubbles
It really smells nice and is only £2.50 - you can crumble in as much as you want.
there are a lot of sickly smelling products in lush which I really dislike, I tend to go for the more subtle smelling ones
I also got 'Butterball' which I am yet to try (£2.50) and some Dirty springwash showergel, which smells REALLY fresh and menthol - its around £4 for a small bottle
I'm hoping it will wake me up tomorrow morning!
I also got a cute midi ring with a green triangular stone on it from Topshop for £5.50
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Trix x


  1. Love your outfit. I really hate it that we don't have topshop here in Belgium and that I have to order something if I want it :(

    1. Awh thank you! I'm sure they will be opening one in the future, after all they have one in New york!! xx