Paris mini haul.

I was lucky enough to go on a work trip to Paris last week!
Was only there for a short time, so didn't really have chance to see any sights!
I bought a few cool bits from a shop called Stradivarius, which I discovered about 2 years ago in Barcelona
Annoyingly I don't think there are any in the UK :(
Here's what I bought anyway!
You can buy everything HERE
Theres a lot of really nice stuff in at the moment!! <3
Peterpan collar dress - 25.99 euro
Grey holey knit - 9.99 euro (sale)
Hologram clutch - 9.95 euro
Jewel necklace - 15.95 euro


  1. We have a stradivarius in Dublin which is odd as you guys usually get the European shops before we do! I usually pass right by it to be honest but will be paying closer attention to it after seeing these little gems!

    1. Ah really!! I really don't think theres one here :S i'll have to check! Yeah it has some really cool things & its not very expensive!! x

  2. Love the clutch and knit sweater.