Hi Everyone, It's about that time where I feature a fellow blogger on my page!!
I would like to introduce Hannah, she has a style & beauty blog called 'Baby Lemonade' and i absolutely LOVE her style.
I actually went to uni with her & always thought she dressed in a really unique and eclectic way
I follow her on Instagram too and I must say she's very inspiring to say the least!
She always seems to find great pieces for small prices and that are BANG on trend.
She is gifted with the skill of hunting down the latest brands and bringing them to light for everyone else to try out!
This pastel haired pretty is fun and definitely not afraid to experiment with her style.
I did a short Q&A with Hannah

Whats your fave SS14 trend?
I’m loving seeing shops introducing all the colourful metallics that are going to be big this summer. I know we’ve already seen holographic items everywhere but I’m excited to see that go to the next level, something like Burberrys sweet wrapper-esque, jewel coloured metallics last spring

Favorite shop at the moment?
Although I love the British Highstreet so much and have to mention I’m particularly in love with Primarks high summer collection, I’m enjoying looking for smaller independent shops on Etsy and BigCartel. There’s so many beautiful pieces on there that you wouldn’t be able to get on the high street.People spend their time handcrafting clothes, accessories and jewellery into one off pieces so I feel the items are more personal.

What item that you own are you loving the most?
I have some pink holographic sandals that I bought recently from La Moda and I can’t stop looking at them. I’ve yet to have some good wear out of them yet because of the weather but I’ve already planned summer outfits around them! I plan on getting so many more, the shoes on La Moda’s website are insanely good. Well, that and my vintage denim jacket collection. I have about 13 denim jackets now because I can’t stop buying them!

Who would you say is your style icon?
I don’t know whether she is my style icon or just my icon, but it hasn’t really changed since I was 13; Gwen Stefani. It’s understandable considering she still looks exactly the same as she did then. I will always applaud anyone for being able to pull off so many different styles, someone with an eclectic look who can change up their look from day to day. Granted, some of her looks have been a little outrageous but she can pull it off because of who she is and that’s what I like about her. She does classic sophistication just as well as she does 90’s goddess. Marina Diamandis does the same thing and most of the time she looks phenomenal.

If you were a colour, what would you be?
I’m too indecisive for one. I can’t hold down a hair colour for more than a week before I want to change it. I’d be multicoloured.


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  1. Love her style, nice post :)