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Since I haven't had much money recently due to moving house, I've had to improvise a bit with my outfit posts, so apologies!
I managed to find this cutout backless dress by Hearts & Bows which i got from ARK about 3 years ago & paired it with some leopard print heeled sandals which I got from ASOS a couple of years ago.
My necklace is from
If you are ordering from romwe it will take a lot longer to come as it's from china, but the prices are really cheap!
I would love to wear this outfit for out, but only if it gets a bit hotter :)
This shape dress is really flattering if you have large hips and bum, as it cinches you in at the waist and then drapes over your curves.
It also has a high neckline, so compensates for being quite short.
I always like to wear a statement necklace with higher necklines as I think they can look a little plain without and it adds a nice interest to the neck area
I feel like nowdays it's a lot more sexy to have your back out than your chest too, so if you're going to show off anything make it your back and or legs. Boobs are a thing of the past!
Also make sure you paint your toes if you wear sandals, go wild it can be a completely different colour to your outfit!
Please hype if you like!! <3

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