Hi, hope everyone had a fab bank holiday weekend!
I picked up a few bits which I've had my eye on for a while.

Here's what I got:
Adidas x Farm top, from Urban Outfitters - £25
I absolutely love this colab, it has some amazing prints available, I chose this one because I LOVE the lime green print colour.
Matching shorts & jackets are available in all prints too!

Adidas Superstar Trainers, from Adidas Online - £62
I wanted a classic fresh pair of trainers, nothing too complicated.
I kind of feel like air max have sold out a bit now so wanted to get away from nike
I am really feelin Adidas this spring/summer
You can also customize these online!
Really tempted to get another pair with my name on them!!
Visit http://www.adidas.co.uk/customise

Midi skirt from Primark - £10
Crochet dress also from Primark - £16
2 pairs of frill socks from primark - £1 each
Primark I must say was really impressive!
At the one in Notts, they have such a large selection
Loads of bang on trend tropical prints & some really cute co-ords too.
You must check out Primark this season! You will be surprised
I don't usually shop there being honest, I just popped in out of interest and ended up making some cheeky purchases!

Butterball bath bomb from Lush, £2.50
My all time favorite bath bomb!
Literally SO SO full of moisture
If you are a lush virgin I highly recommend this lovely little treat :)

I also sorted out my spare room, by hanging all my clothes on ikea rails (£6each)
& putting all of my fave shoes underneath
I tried to order my clothes by colour, i prefer to do this as I can see what I can put together as an outfit
My spare room is starting to look a little more organized now!!
Any feedback or ideas you have, please share with me by commenting below!
Trixie x

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