New outfit post on Lookbook!

I decided to do an outfit post featuring my new Keith Haring top, which actually I think is my favourite new purchase!
I paired it with some black joggers from H&M,
Chunky gold chain from ASOS
And my adidas superstars
Please go hype my look!
Trixie x

London Haul 03.06.14

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I went comp shopping for work in London & managed to reach Monki during my lunch break
It is literally my favorite shop in the world!
I'm so sad that there isn't one closer...
but in a way that makes it more exclusive :]
I picked up a few key pieces...I could of got a lot lot more!
I also love the way Monki is branded...such cute attention to detail with the plastic tag charm!
Heres what I got:

Printed bomber £25
Monki logo tee £12
White stripe/sheer top £18
Sunglasses £8
Cloud glitter socks £5

I also went to Forever 21 and found they have a collaboration in at the moment with artist Keith Haring
I have always been a fan of his work, so bright bold and iconic!
I picked up this crop which is so 90s with the text on the elasticated band
I am in love!!!
Price - £9.95

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Hi everyone!
This weekend I decided to go visit a friend who I haven't seen in roughly 2 years!!
It's my friend Simon, I met him when we were both doing a student placement designing kidswear at John Lewis!
He now lives in Harrogate, North Yorkshire..which is a bit of a trek from where I live.

The drive wasn't too bad though, apart from the roadworks happening on the M1 at the moment.. but we won't talk about that!
So first of all we visited 'Salts mill' in Saltare which is an old mill building built in 1853
And inside there is an art gallery, bookshops and a really cool cafe!
There is a lot of work by David Hockley displayed in the gallery, as he is from the area.
I picked up a really cute magazine from the bookshop and also some wrapping paper with a map print on it. I plan to make a picture to add to my wall montage out of this :D
Had a really nice meal at the cafe then - Thanks Simon!

Afterwards we headed to Harewood House which was BEAUTIFUL!
has really nice grounds and gardens to walk around and also a bird garden with loads of different species of birds - even flamingos!
We had some tea and caken which was delicious!

Then we drove down the road to Leeds city centre
I picked up a few bits here from H&M - Watermelon print crop top for only £3.99 and some drop crotch joggers for £7 in the sale!
H&M is really good at the moment and also really cheap, defo check it out!
We then went for a beer and later got some Vietnamese food which was really yum!

Simon also gave me some prezzies :D
This really cute musical box with birds on it... you can wind it up and the birds sing
And inside there were more goodies which I didn't even realise
Not entirely sure what they are but I will soon find out ha!
Thank you for a great weekend Simon!!