So I've been meaning to post this outfit for a little while now!!
It features clothes from my favorite brand - Monki.
I got the top the last time I was down in London... and I ordered the trousers onlie from the Monki sale!
Top was £18 and the trousers were £8... I also go the matching tee to the trousers for just £5!
ALWAYS check out the Monki sale - its usually AMAZING :D
Anyway, hope you like my look - remember to hype it if you like it!
Trixie x

*STYLE ICON* Dannika Daisy (Q&A)

So this weekend I'd like to feature a girl who's style I absolutely LOVE!
Her names Dannika, & I met her during my placement year at uni - We both worked at John Lewis HQ in the design department
She really stands out from the crowd with her vibrant hair and daring dress sense
I did a little Q&A with her to find out how her world works ;)

What do you do for a living?
I am a Colour Material Finish Manager for Yarwood Leather, which means I advise on leather in the world of Interior Design. I also model; it's nice to venture into the world of fashion too!

What inspires you?
I can be inspired by a feeling, by a piece of art, an article in a magazine, a person, a scent, a piece of fruit, a pebble. It's everyday life that inspires me. The beauty of waking up in the morning, and having the right to express yourself in any way you wish to.

Do you have a style icon?
I love Katy Perry's on stage style, the flamboyant, cartoon-esque and crazy designs are so effective! But Sienna Miller is my top style icon, boho chic! Fave shop?
American Apparel

Fave magazine?

What is your dream job?
Running my own fashion magazine, organising events and fashion shows.

Describe your style in 3 words
Unique, colourful, hippy.

Current fave outfit?
The Motel rocks palm leaves unitard.

What's your must have item for this summer?
Has to be a legging and crop top combo, team them together or mix and match with other garments to create different looks for different events, i.e day, night.

What is your moto?
.... It's important to stay true to your own style, by using your own judgement on what's in 'fashion' to you.

You can visit Dannika's blog here
Her instagram account is 'dannikaddj'



So I put together a micro trend board of whats in store at one of my fave shops - weekday.
It's an amazing brand so go check it out BY CLICKING HERE


Please take a look at my Depop account! - I'm selling lots of awesome stuff for cheap!!


Introducing: NOVO London

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to introduce a brand new label which has just launched this month NOVO London I came across this brand a while ago, and I have followed it right up until the launch date
Created by 2 northeast girls, the collection is influenced by catwalk trends but is wearable and affordable.
The pieces show thoughtful design and attention to detail as well as using luxurious fabrics and trims.
If you're looking for something to wear to make a statement and wow your mates... look no further.
Let's meet the makers behind the label: Amy Victoria Whitfield & Rebecca Jane Ward. I asked them a few questions about NOVO

So tell me a bit about your background? Where did you study and have you always wanted to be a designer?
Amy: First Class honours Fashion Design graduate from the University of Leeds. Awarded the school of design award in recognition of 'producing the most outstanding piece of work from a finalist in their graduate show' also shortlisted to the final 3 for the Karen Millen Portfolio award at GFW 2012. Having had industrial placements at renowned trend forecasting agency Trenstop as Womenswear Assistant and addition Fashion Co-ordinator at Leeds based design / branding agency Vast has given me a great industrial grounding in both branding and fashion forward trend experience both in fashion and lifestyle sectors.

Bek: London University of the Arts. London Studio Centre · BA (Hons) Performing Arts. Having had sales experience for 2 consecutive years working on various different brands within the luxury sector of Harrods giving great insight into customers buying habits and customer service of a number of luxury brands.

Where did you take inspiration from for novo's first collection?
Having visited many cosmopolitan cities has enabled us both to observe different people and understand diverse cultures in more depth. Recent trips to NYC during Fashion week enabled us to pursue the street style fascination. Novo S/S14 collection took influence from street style & contemporary design amongst other things to provide one off trend conscious pieces and wardrobe must haves. We aimed to create a line that offers a focused selection of affordable fashion - forward pieces that are the foundation of timeless wardrobe staples.

Who do you see wearing Novo?
Confident, independent women who want to look and feel great.

Describe novo in one sentence.
"Essence of Luxury"

What can we expect to see from novo in the future?
Moving forward we want to diversifying in product range. We would love to have a flagship stores in major cities. Providing a concierge type service from our customer. We want to provide a lifestyle, having great customer service and a two way communication with customers to build up excellent brand loyalty is something that is really important to Novo London.

What is your aim as a upcoming brand?
To create an inclusive Brand that communicates on a personal level with customers. We want to empower the 'Novo Women' to feel really great about herself in all aspects of life not solely related to personal appearance. Having a somewhere personal relationship with customers is something thats really important to us.

Click to visit the NOVO website
Follow on instagram - Novo_london

India work trip.

Hi Everyone, on saturday I returned from spending a week in India!
I went as part of a work trip in order to work directly with factories and also meet new factories.
It was really very interesting & I learned a lot!
India itself is such a busy place, not the cleanest of places either.
Never the less, I embraced every moment and had a really good time!
I met some lovely people who worked at some of the factories too
Did you know that when indian vehicles reverse they play a song!
I thought this was so funny :D
Everyone over there drives like an absolute maniac too.
The roads are no way near as safe as ours. A lot have no road markings at all!
I'd like to share some pictures I took from the trip & also a small Haul of items I managed to buy while I was out there.
If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask me!
Trixie x