India work trip.

Hi Everyone, on saturday I returned from spending a week in India!
I went as part of a work trip in order to work directly with factories and also meet new factories.
It was really very interesting & I learned a lot!
India itself is such a busy place, not the cleanest of places either.
Never the less, I embraced every moment and had a really good time!
I met some lovely people who worked at some of the factories too
Did you know that when indian vehicles reverse they play a song!
I thought this was so funny :D
Everyone over there drives like an absolute maniac too.
The roads are no way near as safe as ours. A lot have no road markings at all!
I'd like to share some pictures I took from the trip & also a small Haul of items I managed to buy while I was out there.
If you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask me!
Trixie x

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  1. Wow, you got henna-tattooed! :) I've not been to India but I hear the places near the mountains are worth visiting and it's nice to immerse in different cultures realizing that we are all essentially connected at the core. Hope the factories you visited there have humane working standards set in place. Cheers <3