Pictures from Lithuania!

So a few weeks ago I went to Lithuania for a few days...
Why I hear you ask?
My friend Mantas who actually lives in the UK is originally from there, so he was visiting family and asked if I wanted to fly over and stay for 4 days!
I've never really thought about going to Lithuania since its such a small country and I have little knowledge of what is actually there... But I am so so happy I took him up on the offer because it was absolutely amazing!
I feel like i accomplished so much in such a short amount of time :D 

Day 1 we vistied Trakai castle which was really cool... lots of history here.
We also hired a pedal boat and went on the surrounding lake... It was so hot I actually jumped in haha

Day 2: We went to the beach... it was around 36 degrees! So hot & lovely.

Day 3: We visited a famous place called 'Kryziu Kalnas' which means 'Cross Hill'
I have never seen so many crosses in one place in all my life!
I was AMAZED. 
Such a great place. I would highly recommend going here just for that!
We left crosses with our names on too.

Day 4: We went to a huge forest and explored!
Also went swimming in a few lakes :D
We drove so deep into this one forest ( Lithuania is covered in them ) It got kind of creepy, we were driving down a small dirt track when suddenly we came to this strange little holy shrine.
I was actually quite freaked out by it, since it was so deep inside the forest.... 
Apparently people got hung here eek!



Here's a few other pics I took :



  1. Anonymous20:18

    I looooove the pictures on this post! By the way, I nominated you for the liebster award! Details are on my blog if you want to do it. Good luck!

  2. Gosh, so many crosses indeed O_O I think I'm having a seizure :D
    Oooh, that castle looks like straight from a fairy tale! ^^

    1. It was amazing!! Defo worth going to see!