There she goes...

It's Sunday & the weekend is almost over :( booooo
I can't believe how cold it is today too! I've spent most of the day inside under a blanket!
I did nip out to get my car washed and also tried to bake some cakes and failed miserably
Hmm maybe I should stick to blogging haha.
So I purchased this amazing coat from Primark a few days ago!
I don't usually shop in primark becuase the quality never seems that good, but this coat surprised me and is actually a good weight and material!
It was also only £25!
I love the colour too - a greyish white which goes with almost anything...
This shape of coat hasn't faded away in fashion yet - its certainly made a comeback from last year.
There are plenty of textured long line coats on the high street at the moment too.
In this post I'm wearing it with a midi skirt I brought a few months back which only cost me £3
The lovely blush colour crop top is from Topshop for £10
Socks are from Monki & shoes from Topshop sale.
I am actually selling these shoes on my Depop (size 6) along with a load of other things so please check it out
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  1. Oh man, I suck at baking :D We don't have Primark here, but I heard the quality sucked. I love the coat though, it's such a great material, cozy and bulky ^_^

  2. great skirt & socks..

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa