Feeling Festive in New York

I am so excited about Christmas this year!
I don't think there's anything quite like being in new york for Christmas
The city looks beautiful, covered in lights, trees and decoration.
One of the things I was desperate to do was go ice skating in central park, and I actually got to do this!
I was so happy!
The line wasn't as big as I expected, Peter and I only had to wait about 15 minutes to actually get into the ice rink.
I think it cost about $60 for both of us, which included skate hire and a locker. Not too bad!
Another good thing is that the time is unlimited so you can literally stay as long as you want!
It did get a bit crowded at one point, but It was still so much fun!


 I also went to the Rockefeller center to see the tree....

 And there were also these really cool oversized decorations along 6th ave, which make you feel like a borrower :-)

I have a lot more to post about, so keep checking back!
 Merry Christmas everyone x

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