This week.

Here's a little pic of some things that ive bought / collected this week. 
I thought i'd share it with you!! CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE!!

1. Tyler rodan bag. I got this from a sample sale at work along with the littler 's' coin purse. Thought it was really cute. I also don't have a bag this colour and i especially liked the fact that its a backpack.

2. The rack NYC newspaper. This is a free quarterly newspaper which showcases artists and creatives around nyc. A really cool read if you're interested in finding out about up and coming artists.

3. I went into a store this week and a very friendly cool guy approached me to help out, we began speaking and he gave me his and his twin brother's business card. They're called bruce and glen and they are 'fashion preachers' who run a church group in soho for creative young people such as dancers and artists. Pretty cool huh.

4. Have a nice day patch. I got this at a button store in the garment district along with some others for a little project i'm thinking about.. Watch this space!!

5. Black and white camera film. I found a great store where i can get my films developed near 34th and 9th called b&h. Its an absolutely massive electronics store which sells tvs cameras and even film equipment. A good place to know!

6. The north face moleskine notebook. My boyfriend peter gave me this which i thought was sweet , so i've been using it to make notes this week! 

7. Urban decay primer potion, kat von d 'echo' lipstick and kat von d tattoo liner. I bought these from sephora which if you don't know is a huge make up store which stocks pretty much every make up brand! The primer potion is a really good buy as it makes your eye shadow stick better and last longer. So it looks more vibrant. The lipstick is a dark blue colour which is a bit crazy but i thought why not switch it up a bit!!
And the tattoo liner is a great liquid eyeliner pen but i also used it to line my lips before applying the blue lipstick. It actually looks good! 

So that's my week so far in items! Hope you all had a great week! Not long til xmas!

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