New suit / New year

Hi guys!
So we're almost in 2017 and what a year 2016 has been!
I wanted to share with you guys a little collage of my most memorable moments of 2016 as well as talk about this sassy suit I got from ASOS ....


Hey guys!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas and Is looking forward to celebrating the new year!
I've been kinda busy working and doing other things & haven't really focussed on blogging much about Christmas.
It's always harder when you aren't at home with your family...
Anyways, I recently got this amazing fur collar coat for a very surprising price...
Click to find out more!

Burgundy belted jacket from

Hey guys
So sorry to my regulars.. I have mainly been posting to my IG account over the past few weeks
Been kinda busy on the run up to christmas.
But fear not! 
I have a lil summin I want to share with you guys ;)

Give Thanks! (Featuting M&S & Tignanello)

Hi Everyone,
It's been Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA & I had a lot of fun with my boyfriend, his family & some friends, and obviously ate WAY too much!
As well as this outfit, I wanted to post a little bit about what I am thankful for this year so click read more if you want to know!

Hangin out at times square with my sweater

 Recently I got this gorjjjjus sweater from
I was so happy when it arrived as it is just what I need for my fall wardrobe!
I love the flared sleeve trend for this Fall, it adds a bit of elegance without being too formal.
It's a massive trend & I am seeing a lot of bloggers embracing it to its full potential!


Hello! what a cold and rainy day it's been here in NY
Literally did not want to leave the house this morning!
I have a post to share from this weekend.. so here it is.

I recently got this black white and red houndstooth coat from

WHAT ELSE (& thrifted snakeskin red trousers)

Hi everyone!
Today I just wanted to share these AMAZING faux snakeskin red trousers!
I thrifted them for about $7
I loveeee them and whats more, I have seen some very similar ones in H&M for around $249


Hey everyone!
Hope you have had a great weekend.
I spent mine walking around the city, window shopping and at the movies!
I watched Moonlight which I thought was a very moving film and would defo recommend it!
I love the way it was shot.
Anyway back to this post (lol) 


I can't believe it's already November! OMG!
That means we're creeping closer to thanksgiving and christmas.
So anyways.. I went into Forever 21 on Monday and I saw this AMAZING deep red faux fur bomber.. It was all alone on a rack as if it was the last one there. I literally grabbed it and tried it on and fell in love!


Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had a really fun Halloween weekend!
I already went to my friends party the previous week so I didn't dress in costume again this weekend...
Instead I spent it with Peter and we visited Queens Country Farm.


I've been out of blogging my outfits for a little over a week now. 
I've just been really stressed with some little things I've had to deal with (nothing serious)
You know when you just feel like everything is getting on top of you and you begin to feel under so much pressure...


Hey guys!
I got this awesome yellow cozy sweater from STYLEWE.COM
Click read more to see how I styled it!


So i decided to make a Q&A vid about my first year in NYC! Hope you enjoy

Ginger Jacket & 3 Fave things about Fall!

Hey guys!
I recently got this amazing ginger faux suede and shearling jacket from ASOS.
I saw it on someone else's insta (asos_debbie) and I just HAD to get it!
I'm also gona to be talking about my 3 fave things in fall so keep reading!!


Hey trendtrap readers!
I'm seeing so much Velvet and Chenille on the high street at the moment & I am absolutely loving this trend! It just looks so damn cozy for fall.

Hello October! (feat.

Wow I literally cannot believe it is OCTOBER already..
This means I have been living in New York for a whole year now!

So what have I been up to recently?
Well I got this perfect plaid flannel dress and cute leather heart choker from
I thought this combo would be perfect for a fall look!


So after a full week of posting outfits in honor of NYFW, here is the last look of the week which features the perfect tee from Zara!

NYFW FIVE (feat Zaful)

I was so excited to receive my package from Zaful yesterday, that I had to wear what I got today!
And it's this amazing embroidered silky bomber jacket.



Today's outfit is feelin kinda fall!
Navy's , browns and dark reds are going to be so hot this season
Fall is literally my fave month, so I started introducing these fall colors into my outfits...but its still warm enough to have bare legs wahoo!


Today I went for a more street / casual / sport /comfy look
I got this purpley lilac Stussy long sleeve from Urban Outfitters a couple weeks back, and I'll let you into a little secret...It's actually mens :p
I'm also wearing wide leg pants by my fave fave brand Monki
I absolutely Love the prints they design! 


Hello! So this is the second look I'm posting for NYFW!
If you know me, then you'll know I'm a sucker for a good print.
I LOVE this amazing vintage top, especially how the print is browns with a neon pink pop!
I don't really own a lot of pink items, but actually after wearing this outfit, it's beginning to grow on me ;)


So It's NYFW and me and my friend decided we wanted to try and post a look a day


As part of NYFW and the coming fall season, I will be putting together some style edits of must haves and key trends for FALL 16
Starting with Embroidered booties! 
I absolutely love this trend & I really can't wait to add one of these beauties to my wardrobe!
Which ones are your faves?


Recently I got this AMAZING embroidered mesh Kimono from
I've always wanted a Kimono but never seemed to be able to find one that actually looks like daywear. ( they all seem to look like silky nightwear pieces ha!)
So when I found this beauty I was like yayyyy I can't wait to wear it.


I wanted to show you guys this cute outfit I got from

'Sammy dress for less'

It's a value online global retailer which offers clothes, beauty products and even home and garden goods...
Their aim is to provide customers with high quality products at a low, factory direct price
So lets move on to the outfit...


This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous / Hot as hell.
I went with a friend to flushing (Queens) & I picked up this cute ass babydoll bow print top
I haven't really got anything like this in my collection - this is probs the most girly thing I have to date lol
I'm starting to sway more between girly outfits and casual and streetwear combos
I can't make my mind up ever as to what style I like best
But hey it would be boring to just be into one right?


And once again I haven't been able to post in a while, but hopefully with my new shiny blog upgrade I will be able to dedicate more time to posting! So anyways here is an outfit post I put up on my Insta a few weeks ago. 
I got this top from I really like the iconic one word graphics that are out at the moment and since its black and white it will pretty much go with anything

REVIEW: Spotty dress from

Whats up everyone, wow it is SO HOT in New York city right now
Been meaning to post this look for a while now...

So i got this fabulous spotty dress from - Isn't it adorable!
It has a giant polka dot print, midi length and is a silky cool fabric.
I've been so excited to wear this but It has been so hot here I haven't yet had the chance! dress video review / try on


I'm trying to be a bit more Youtube friendly so I did a video reviewing a dress I got sent from
I will be posting a full outfit look soon but in the meantime why not watch my review!!
Let me know what you guys think... like subscribe etc.....

Floral Playsuit from ACEVOG

so yeah hi everyone, today's post is on this cute little playsuit / romper / whatever you want to call it!
I got it from which is a pretty cool women's fashion website.


Hi everyone, so I've decided I'm gona start making vids of whats for sale on my depop store (@nofakes)
I get new stock basically every week, so I thought it would be cool to share this on a video so you get to see the items 'live' and maybe even before they are listed!
Hope you enjoy!

VIPme Dress Review

Hello and happy first day of Summer!
What a gorj day it is too!

So recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to review an item from!


Some of you may know I have a pretty cool Depop shop called 'nofakes'  (@nofakes )
I sell hand picked vintage and badass clothes from NYC
I've built up quite a following, I now have over 7,000 followers and have sold almost 300 items ( maybe more )
I started this as a hobby with my work mates back in the UK last year
We just wanted to make a bit of extra bread.
So now Depop is in the US and growing quickly so is my account!!
I LOVE doing this as a hobby :-)
I like bringing all the best clothes to one place so people can shop without having to thrift for hours or travel for miles!
So anyways I've got a few pictures, please feel free to check my page out on Depop
just search 'nofakes'


   Wow so I've been so bad recently updating my blog with outfit posts
I know these pics aren't the best quality but hey, at least there's something!
I got these AMAZINGGGG booties from ASOS

The Trend Trap x The Rack NYC Issue 4

Hi whats up
So as some of you may know I am frequently collaborating with a pretty cool New York art and illustration Newspaper!
I'm going to have article space in every months issue now so expect fashion, style advice, layouts and general style inspo!
My most recent article (above) is a little spectrum of must-have items....
You can download the E-issue of The Rack by clicking the link below

The Newspaper features the best emerging talent for art and illustration

You guys should defo check it out if you have a moment!

Other than that I really need to shoot some outfits, which I really haven't had a lot of time for recently!  I think I'm going to try and dedicate sunday to doing something so please stay tuned!!

H&M x Coachella

H&M have collaberated with Coachella once again to bring you some of the coolest festival fashions!
I really wish I could go to Coachella, but hey now I'm in the US i could maybe go next year!
I love festival fashion, it always seems to take a 70s hippy edge
with plenty of fringing, flares, gypsy tops and huge round sunglasses.
The item that most caught my eye from the collection is this crochet dress
I've been looking for a crochet dress for a while now and this one is PERFECT!
Its strappy and also not too short!
And with a small price tag of $17.99 you really can't go wrong!!
I've styled this with a basic black vest dress underneath but I will defo be wearing a bikini under this
when I go to Miami in June!

Oversized Sunglasses / SUNGLASS SPOT
Booties / EEight
Suede fringed Bag / Forever 21

The brightest shirt I own!

As some of you may know, I am an extreme thrifter and I spend a lot of time hunting down vintage and one off pieces in local thrift stores...
WELL last week I found this AMAZING shirt! It caught my eye and it was only $7.99 so I had to get it! 
It is so bright - and when I wore it to work, so many people laughed / complimented and stared at it haha!
Personally I love it but I guess I can see why people were staring haha!
I'd love to know what you guys think? And also what is the craziest item you own?
Show me show me!!!!
I styled the shirt with black leggings and fringe bag
Booties by Eeight which you can buy HERE


Hello Spring

It's Monday!
 Quite a rainy Monday here in NYC!
But here is something to brighten up your day!!
I have a featured article in The Rack Nyc showcasing spring's hottest items (well in my opinion..)
I will be contributing my style insights each month to the Newspaper which is really exciting for me!

The Rack NYC is a newspaper which showcases the best emerging artists in the city antd beyond!
It's a free newspaper and you can download you're own digital copy right here
There are currently 3 issues to get stuck into, so make sure you take a look
If you would like a hard copy, please email me!

Photos below of current issue 03