Good Eveningggggg
I did a shoot today featuring 2 items I thrifted last week!
Cannot believe I got both of these items for under $10!
- Bright Orange turtle neck top
- Blue Suede skirt

I love how these colors look together!
Styled the items with over the knee boots from topshop
(which I am actually thinking of selling)
Cap from lazy oaf
I also layered a mid length cardigan & leather jacket to give some idea of what to wear as outerwear if you're going for this look.

My bf took the photos for me, and he jokingly said ' you look like fanta' HA!
So i thought why not go with that for the name of this look....

Lemme know what you guys think y'hurrrrrd


New York Valentine

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Hope you all did something lovely whether it be with friends or your other half 
Me and My Boyfriend Peter did a Valentines day shoot
I wanted to do this also to enter the #lbisforlovers competition on

I got the dress I am wearing from a sample sale which was held at work last week. 
Its by a designer called Rachel Zoe
I also got a coat and a Jumpsuit which I will style very soon!

Anyways here is the look! 
Let me know what you think or show me your looks!



If you read my blog, then you'll know that a few weeks ago I posted a wishlist..
Well I now have the 2 items on my wishlist!
Here is how I styled them....

♥$0.01 Items:
♥Free Shipping Items:


The snow in NY has almost melted finally!!
Last weekend It was still everywhere so I went for a walk in central park.
I'm wearing a fur coat my Grandma gave me!
She told me to wear it when it snows here :)