Good Eveningggggg
I did a shoot today featuring 2 items I thrifted last week!
Cannot believe I got both of these items for under $10!
- Bright Orange turtle neck top
- Blue Suede skirt

I love how these colors look together!
Styled the items with over the knee boots from topshop
(which I am actually thinking of selling)
Cap from lazy oaf
I also layered a mid length cardigan & leather jacket to give some idea of what to wear as outerwear if you're going for this look.

My bf took the photos for me, and he jokingly said ' you look like fanta' HA!
So i thought why not go with that for the name of this look....

Lemme know what you guys think y'hurrrrrd


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  1. perfect, this is soooo 90s! I love this look, the color combo is fantastic