How to style overalls / dungarees part 1

Hi everyone, Happy Easter!!

Recently someone requested that i style dungarees / overalls
So this is my first look and I plan to do some more in different themes

This look is kinda vintage, everything I'm wearing is thrifted , minus the boots which are from steve madden...

I styled the overalls by rolling them up at the bottom, they are actually quite a baggy fit.
I also tied the shirt I am wearing into a knot to emphasize the waist since these are really baggy.

Hope you like this look, and stay tuned for my next overall / dungaree look!

Trixie x

Thrifty March

Hello today was a thrifted outfit kinda day!
The leopart jacket, top, shorts and belt are all thrifted from various places in NYC
My fave shop is Unique, there is one in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey
The prices are reasonable plus if you sign up to the app you get 25% off on thursdays!
Also they do discounts on holidays!
Pretty awesome?

I also go to goodwill, there are loads of these all over the city.
They have coloured tags and on different days the different colors are half off.

Its always worth looking in thrift stores!

I sell all of my thrifted stuff on my Depop account, so if you love this outfit then head over to the 'depop' app and search 'nofakes'

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Bomber from

 Whats up people!
So last week I received this khaki green bomber jacket from
I absolutely LOVE this item, can be worn with so many outfits,
not to mention it is right on trend for spring!
The fabric is a canvas type polyester, rather than the shiny fabric I see a lot of bombers made from
So this makes it kinda matte which is different.
I've styled it with some trousers and a mesh top (both from topshop)
If you haven't checked out you defo should...
They have on trend items for a small price, and even catwalk inspired items!
 Have a great day!


Good morning!
As some of you may know I have a Depop account where I sell vintage finds and also unwanted clothes from my ever growing closet.
This weekend I found these Bada$$ Yommy Hilfiger yellow tracksuit bottoms
I love them so much i wanted to shoot them :-)
They will be available to buy on my Depop shop soon, so go take a look
search 'nofakes' on Depop and you should see my shop!
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Top / Forever 21
Denim / Stole from my boyfriend
Sneakers / Adidas Superstars