Thrifty March

Hello today was a thrifted outfit kinda day!
The leopart jacket, top, shorts and belt are all thrifted from various places in NYC
My fave shop is Unique, there is one in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey
The prices are reasonable plus if you sign up to the app you get 25% off on thursdays!
Also they do discounts on holidays!
Pretty awesome?

I also go to goodwill, there are loads of these all over the city.
They have coloured tags and on different days the different colors are half off.

Its always worth looking in thrift stores!

I sell all of my thrifted stuff on my Depop account, so if you love this outfit then head over to the 'depop' app and search 'nofakes'

Also head to my instagram and follow for more outfit posts @badgaltrix


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