Floral Playsuit from ACEVOG

so yeah hi everyone, today's post is on this cute little playsuit / romper / whatever you want to call it!
I got it from ACEVOG.com which is a pretty cool women's fashion website.

The romper comes in a variety of different colors including mint green, nude, and hot pink (more on the site) and it is only $14.59! which is a bargggg if you ask me!
Shipping was quick and it came in a lovely little poly zip bag.

The romper itself is really cute, it almost looks like a dress when you are wearing it because it has some of the fabric covering the shorts, which in my opinion is definitely more flattering!
Don't wana be seeing no camel toes do we now!!

If you don't understand, have a look at the pictures and you'll see.
It also has an open back which looks super cute, you could even wear a lacey bralet and have it showing at the back, I just went for a naked back so you can see it better.

Other features... elasticated waist, pockets and button fastening to back neck.

I chose to style this with..
Belt: thrifted
Bag: F21
Sandals: ASOS
Socks: ASOS
Hat: H&M

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