This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous / Hot as hell.
I went with a friend to flushing (Queens) & I picked up this cute ass babydoll bow print top
I haven't really got anything like this in my collection - this is probs the most girly thing I have to date lol
I'm starting to sway more between girly outfits and casual and streetwear combos
I can't make my mind up ever as to what style I like best
But hey it would be boring to just be into one right?

So anyways, I went for a walk in my favorite area near my apartment (Inwood)
And found this really nice new decked out area, with plants and wooden benches next to the creek
There/s also a bunch of rocks which I decided to chill for a minute on because I was sweating my head off (seriously it was like 36C)

I really would love to live in this area & I hope I can get my next apartment here... its literally beautiful and I still can't believe it is in manhattan

If you were wondering about the rest of my outfit....
 Hat / H&M
Choker / Topshop
Shorts / Zara
Boots / Eight b Miista
Watch / Michael Kors

 So that's all for today! Next weekend I am making a trek to Primark in New Jersey (about 2 hrs away if not more) So be sure to check back and see what I buy!
Also to be really up to date and see videos etc
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