Recently I got this AMAZING embroidered mesh Kimono from
I've always wanted a Kimono but never seemed to be able to find one that actually looks like daywear. ( they all seem to look like silky nightwear pieces ha!)
So when I found this beauty I was like yayyyy I can't wait to wear it.

I've been wearing it a lot, with shorts, jeans and dresses...
I feel like it adds a lil luxe to the outfit, especially if I'm wearing something plain

A great thing about this lovely addition, is that it's only $17.99
So not really that expensive...but really adds a lot of value to the outfit!

Fabric is a mesh with cotton embroidery and faux suede tassels to the hem.

This would be PERFECT for the beach as a cover up to your fave bikini ...

or at a festival with frayed denim shorts, crop vest and a pair of docs!

If you were wondering where my sandals are from... i got the from H&M believe it or not..
I've gotten a lot of compliments about these & I really love them!

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  1. I have those killer shoes, I love how you styled them, this kimono is really pretty !