Hey trendtrap readers!
I'm seeing so much Velvet and Chenille on the high street at the moment & I am absolutely loving this trend! It just looks so damn cozy for fall.


When I saw this sweat in Zara I really could not resist buying it!
I love the color and the shape of it too.
Zara actually have a section on their website called DEEP VELVET so you can go and feast on some velvety goodness right now ;)

It's like a goldy mustard color... in fact I have ordered some tapestry boots from ASOS and I am almost certain they will go with this knit... I'll pop a picture below.

I actually had to get them shipped to my bro in the UK (hold tight mike) because they weren't available to ship to the US for some reason... :/
Anyways back to the outfit.... I am also wearing a dogtooth skirt which I got from Monki YEARS ago. I've had this so long now, but it has proven to be an absolute staple piece in my wardrobe.
I'll be still rockin' it when I'm 85 i reckon...

My boots are last season from Zara also. But they have some boots in at the moment which use pretty much the same base as these, only they have a zip up the front (which I almost prefer to mine)

Reeeeally love what Zara has to offer this fall! Thanks Zara <3 p="">


  1. Great work! I’m really inspired by it :)

  2. Love that jumper, defo need some like that now the weather is getting colder....cry!

  3. Great work! I’m really inspired by it :)
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  4. I have to confess: I love velvet, Chenille and all that soft and fluffy stuff so badly ^_^ And YOU look that wonderful in Chenille <3 I'm in love *blush

  5. Oh my goodness that chenille jumper is so rich in colour and matched perfectly with you skirt.

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