I've been out of blogging my outfits for a little over a week now. 
I've just been really stressed with some little things I've had to deal with (nothing serious)
You know when you just feel like everything is getting on top of you and you begin to feel under so much pressure...

And you just have no desire to post anything on social media...
Thats kinda what happens to me sometimes.
I'd love to be like most of the bloggers I follow who seem to be always happy and motivated all the time.
I also felt a bit ugly this week too so thats another reason for me not wanting to post anything.
It kinda doesn't help when you're explore page on Instagram is 50% girls full of who either look like Kylie Jenner or have big boobs / butt and lovely big lips and a tiny nose -_- 
Leaves me feeling kinda shitty but I always tell myself I should be grateful for what I have...

Here are some ways to overcome worries / stress and re-motivate

Find a hobby
Personally I love to thrift clothes so I always find this is a good way to take my mind off things that are stressing me out. I also have a crochet blanket which Im making at the moment so I might decide to pick that up if I am feeling crap!

Go outside - Don't stay in
Sometimes being inside the same four walls can begin to swamp you. Just get outside and go explore the beauty of your neighborhood or venture to the shops, you never know what you might find or who you might bump into..

Have a bath with some music on
I feel like this is a really good way to relieve tension and relax.
Pop your fave youtube playlist on and drop a lush bath bomb into the mix.
My personal fave is a bit of drake and the butterball 

Talk to your friends and family
Talking to people about your problems is far better than keeping them to yourself
( i personally think so )
A problem shared is a problem halved.
Just remember you will always have someone who's willing to speak as long as YOU speak up to them!

Work out
I always find that having a good work out makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Your body just feels more energized when you work out, and it gets you out of that sluggish mentality. It motivates you to want to work harder on maintaining your body 

Buy something new
Retail therapy isn't called that for no reason. This can make you feel so much better, even if its just a new lippy or something!
I feel like when you buy something new, its like a having a little new start
This deffo usually helps me get out of a bad mood.

So remember these 6 lil tips when you're feeling a lil low

ANYWAYS... enough of my rambling

Today I went out with Peter to Queens Country Farm
It was a really long train and bus ride but It was deffo worth it, I had such a fun time!
I'll do a blog post to follow this one about what we did :)

This is the outfit I wore today, pretty casual and warm, perfect for a rural farm day out.
 I do LOVE this scarf which I got from M&S (uk store)
It definitely brightens up the outfit and is a nice pop of color to add!

They actually have a promo on scarfs at the moment too -
5 pounds for a scarf when you spend over 40
Pretty sweet deal!

Jacket / Forever 21
Jeans / Forever 21
Boots / Dr Martens
Sweater / Thrifted

I'm in a much better mood this weekend, and I'm going to enter next week in a much more positive way. Also Holiday season is here and I'm really excited :)

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