Hey guys!
I got this awesome yellow cozy sweater from STYLEWE.COM
Click read more to see how I styled it!

So I don't know about you guys, but one of my fave things in Fall is defo a big chunky knit sweater, along with a cup of hot chocolate!!
I always seem to go for bright colors too, because I feel like it totally reflects my Personality!

I got this gawwwwwjus yellow chunky cable knit sweater from STYLEWE.COM 
I was so so pleased with it!! 
Its really soft and and not itchy against the skin ( which to me is v. important because I usually only wear a lil crop top underneath... can't have the sweater itching my skin!)
The color is really bright and lovely, and will go with many things in my wardrobe.

I always like to style my sweaters into a more casual street look - so here I've got my thrifted, acid wash mom jeans on. 
I almost wore black trousers, then a black and white skirt... then grey jeans... but you know how it is trying to decide what to wear. 
I just went with what I was more comfy in.
And since it was a rainy day, my mom jeans deffo felt like the best idea...
My belt is also thrifted.
And my Docs which I got for $40 on Depop! Absolute barg!
Always check Depop for some savvy finds to complete your look :)

Guys, please let me know what you think of this sweater! 
Hope you like how I styled it :)
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  1. purrrfect <3 I love how it matches your hair color! <3

  2. Oh !! I love this dress, too hot! kISS, Charlotte