Give Thanks! (Featuting M&S & Tignanello)

Hi Everyone,
It's been Thanksgiving weekend here in the USA & I had a lot of fun with my boyfriend, his family & some friends, and obviously ate WAY too much!
As well as this outfit, I wanted to post a little bit about what I am thankful for this year so click read more if you want to know!
1. I am SO SO thankful for my amazing family back in the UK.
They give me endless love and support even though they are quite far away.
When I say support, I don't mean because I am constantly homesick or  I need money...
I just mean they always check up on me and make sure I'm all good.
My mom always facetimes me to see what I've been up to :)
My Stepdad speaks to me too even though he's a busy guy
& my little bro always texts me and snapchats me to see whats going on!

2. Peter
I literally don't know where I would be without this guy. & if he reads this I know he will be thinking OH GODDDDDDDDD ( I know I am the blow bae)
But for real he makes me so happy and we get along so well.
He's really helped me a lot since I moved to NYC adjusting to life here.
I'm grateful that he spends so much time with me around his work, music and studying
I can't wait to make some more memories with him ( vomit I know )

Since I moved here I have made quite a few good friends especially at work.
I get along with these people so well that we hang out outside of work on the weekends which is awesome!
Whether it's going to flushing to get our nails done (Shiyi) or ordering a special otto pizza (Laura)
I am so thankful for you guys!!
I actually went to one of their houses for thanksgiving & she cooked for me & Peter which was so lovely (Thanks Amanda!)
Friends from back home also keep in touch with me even though I am so far away.. which is so nice!
If you are reading this and you are a friend - close or not - please say hi to me I love to speak to everyone :)

4. Health and Wellbeing
I am thankful for being healthy and well this year. I've seen a few people go through a lot this year and its so hard to think how it affects them and also their loved ones. 
My well wishes always go out to these people in such hard times.
I have to remind myself how lucky I am to be physically fit and well!

Lol bit of a stupid one, but I love style and fashion
Its one of my best interests of corse! 
So I am super thankful to all the designers, manufacturers, Distributors and brands that I collab with and also my readers & followers!!!

My outfit:
Stripe LS top / F21
Denim dress / Thrifted
Scarf / M&S
Bag / Tignanello
Shoes / Topshop



  1. I guess 1 and 4 are the most important things and people sometimes forget about it... about 2, well, I know what you mean :D
    and i would like to thank you for number 5, because your style is soooo inspiring!

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