Hey everyone!
Hope you have had a great weekend.
I spent mine walking around the city, window shopping and at the movies!
I watched Moonlight which I thought was a very moving film and would defo recommend it!
I love the way it was shot.
Anyway back to this post (lol) 

So we all have that one item in our wardrobes which we LOVE to death but is so so hard to style because it is just so out there & it just sits at the back collecting dust...

I recently got this AMAZING bright knitted longline jacket from
I think I actually said WOW when I opened the package!
Its fully knitted, double breasted and longline.
It also has a lining throughout which adds a nice quality and I guess will stop it bobbling against your clothes.
It is priced at $102.99, which is kinda pricey, but then again it's a very rare style
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So it is an amazing jacket right, but I was scratching my head for a while thinking how i wanted to style it.
I originally thought maybe I will wear it with just black, but I think this makes the jacket stand out A LOT... I mean it looked ok but i wanted it to look more than just 'ok'

So as you might know the H&M x Kenzo collab dropped last friday and although I really fell in love with a lot of the items, i really couldn't afford anything from the collection :(
It really did inspire me to style my new jacket into a print mix outfit!
I always think clashing prints is a great way to style a really bold piece, so i gave it a whirl with my jacket!
I actually love this outfit!
I got so many compliments walking around midtown.. 

So my advice for styling bright printed items would be:

Clash with other bight printed items
Wear with a similar color palette
Wear with a solid color if you don't have other bright items / really want it to stand out 

Other details of my outfit:

Blue Bag/ Tignanello
Blue Leopard Pants/ Monki
Baby blue Lace Top / H&M
Black & Gold Jacquard booties / ASOS

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