Hey everyone!
Hope everyone had a really fun Halloween weekend!
I already went to my friends party the previous week so I didn't dress in costume again this weekend...
Instead I spent it with Peter and we visited Queens Country Farm.

I'd googled where is a good spot near the city to go pumpkin picking and this was one of the most popular results to come up.
It took us quite a while to get there as we were traveling by train & bus.
It would of definitely been a lot quicker by car!
I WILL drive in nyc one day... I am so determined to get a car.

The Farm was really cute and had such a nice harvesty vibe.
Lots of food stands, some with fresh veggies and some regular fast food.
There were some attractions too like a Maize maze ( the line was massive)
And haunted house & hayride.
There were also real animals you could go and see.. Ponies, Pigs Sheep and Cows.
We opted just for the pumpkin picking, which was free (you just pay for your pumpkin)

There were SO many pumpkins!
It was a really good pick to come here (literally)
Its a really great place to bring your kids too, all the lil ones were in costumes having a great time!

So here's a few pics (mainly me with pumpkins lol)

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