WHAT ELSE (& thrifted snakeskin red trousers)

Hi everyone!
Today I just wanted to share these AMAZING faux snakeskin red trousers!
I thrifted them for about $7
I loveeee them and whats more, I have seen some very similar ones in H&M for around $249


The only down side to the ones i thrifted is they have no belt holes and the zipper at the front is not concealed.
These are kinda minor things though.
I was just amazed to find these in a thrift store & they fit me!
It really does just go to show you never know what gems you can find!

The top I am wearing is from Zara..
cute 'WHAT ELSE' patch with some glittery stripes
Kinda reminds me of ACDC

Boots are topshop
Jacket & bag Forever 21


  1. love love love <3


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