New suit / New year

Hi guys!
So we're almost in 2017 and what a year 2016 has been!
I wanted to share with you guys a little collage of my most memorable moments of 2016 as well as talk about this sassy suit I got from ASOS ....

So from left to right , top to bottom here are some of my most memorable moments of 2016!
1. Mikey visited NYC for the first time! 
My lil bro came all the way to NY for his 21st birthday and he absolutely loved it! I showed him around, took him up to the top of the empire state and even had a little party at a brownstone for him. 
2. I took Peter and Mike to see the New York Knicks. 
Peter is a MASSIVE knicks fan and has never seen them live before, so I thought this would be an amazing birthday present for him and also the perfect touristy thing to show my brother. It was kinda expensive even though I got a bit of work discount but really worth seeing the smiles on their faces.
3. The January Blizzard
I have literally NEVER seen so much snow in my life and needless to say I was so excited when it snowed this much. I just had to go outside and mess about in the snow! I'm secretly hoping we have some more snow like this in 2017 so I can get a free day off work ha! just kidding (not)
4. Mom and Rob visit me
It was so nice that my parents came to visit me here in NY.. I loved every minute of showing them around! They have visited NY before but a while ago. I got to show them places they have never seen before like Harlem and Brooklyn. We even went to the cat cafe which my mom loved :) I miss these guys so much and can't wait to see them again!
5. My first July 4th
Yes this was my first ever July 4th actually in the USA. Peter took me to see the fireworks, it was a little bit rainy but we still had a lot of fun and laughs! 
6. Miami
Peter & I visited Miami! I feel so lucky to have visited this beautiful place & I for sure want to visit again! I got to meet a lot of Peter's family which was really nice and we had the ultimate chill vacay sitting on the beach and eating out.
We even drove to Key West which was amazing. I would love to go back again next year.
I also loved the Wynwood art district a lot & deffo want to re-visit here.
It's actually only about 3 hrs from New York to Miami and not really that expensive so I'm pretty sure I'll be going back very soon!
7. Philly
This was a pretty cool, close by place to visit and we just went for the day!
I really enjoyed riding around on my city bike looking like a mad tourist.
We also visited the eastern state penitentiary jail which was really interesting for a geek like me. 
We got the megabus for about $30 which wasn't too bad at all!
8. Exploring more of NYC
I have definitely seen a lot of the city this year, from hanging out in Harlem and Brooklyn to biking down the east and west side highways and catching the boat across the river. 
There is still a lot more to do in this ever changing city; I haven't even been to the statue of liberty!
I feel like I have certainly found my feet here and I for once love where I live.
9. Fall/Autumn
My fave season of all time! look how beautiful central park looks!
I loved fall so much I didn't want it to end 
Walking through central park in a sweater and watching the leaves fall from the trees.
I also am SO thankful for my love Peter & he has defo made 2016 such a memorable year for me!
ROLL ON 2017
So onto my outfit... I got this gorj suit from Asos recently & I absolutely love it!
I actually wore the blazer to my work xmas party with a dress.
It's always good to have mix and match items in your closet!
I would say the quality of this suit is great.
The only thing is the fit of the trousers isn't great for me so I will have to get them tailored at the waist, hip and leg at some point 
( i pinned the waist for the pictures )
I got a size uk 10 which is kinda big unless you like the trousers to sit below your hips
I personally prefer a high waist.

The jacket is $91
& the trousers are $61
Click the links to go to the Asos website

I'm wearing with some orange suede mules from new look (at asos) now on sale for $22.50
They have a mirrored heel which is pretty cool and are quite comfy.
These will defo last me thru next summer too.

Hope you have all had a great 2016
More outfits and other fun stuff to come in 2017 so stay tuned!
Happy New Year


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