This weekend It was my birthday, I am now 27 years old eek!
So Peter and I decided - literally on the day - to spontaneously visit the Bronx zoo!

I had no idea that it is a 30 min bus journey from my apartment!

We managed to get in to the zoo for just $5 each which I actually couldn't believe.. I'm not sure if it is because Peter showed his student card or because I told the guy it was my birthday haha!
But most probably because it isn't peak season?

It was a pretty cold day on Saturday. 
It started off clear and  then towards the end of the day it began to snow. Now I don't think I have ever visited the Zoo in the snow! 
The poor animals lol

I absolutely loved this day though. Animals are so fascinating to me and I always love to just watch them. I always joke and say I want to become a zoo keeper, but who knows one day maybe I will!

I really like this particular zoo. I have visited some in the uk and also Berlin, but I like the Bronx because they have themed enclosures e.g 'Madagascar' And 'The jungle' and have multiple types of animals within them.
There is a lot of themed sections which adds more fun to just having the animals set out in their enclosures.

Here are some pictures of the day! I highly recommend but perhaps in the spring or summer if you don't like the cold :)

They were so noisey!

Peter with an Aligator OMG it was HUGE!

Always have loved the beautiful coat of a giraffe!

Can you spot the lions?

Peter told me he had never seen a peacock in real life, I had to giggle as theres so many in the UK

Panther - one of my faves as I love cats!

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