Ahh Sundays in New York.
Gotta Love them!
So I spent my day firstly having a lil photoshoot with my friend Shiyi and Photographer Julius July.
We've worked with him before and he takes some lovely pics! (Search him on Insta)

So after visiting a gallery to get a couple snaps, me and Shiyi went in search for some lunch...

We were actually just trying out my new camera right outside this little gem of a place, 
I'm wearing:

Bright orange knit jacket with faux leather trim detail / Stylewe.com
Sunnies / Wearme Pro (which I will be doing a seperate feature on!)
Leopard pointed heel shoes worn with net socks / Zara 
Harley Davidson Tee and Mom Jeans are thrifted!

So anyways we didn't even realize it was a lunch spot!
So we went in to investigate....

Tacombi has a sort of true Mexican street food garage feel to it.
I was in love with the fonts and colors (And especially the little VW camper!)
 There are many-a-taco on offer, as well as guac and chips and a load of natural fruit juices & Modelo of corse!

I went for the veggie Tacos which were pretty delish!

Thoroughly enjoyed this place, even though a little pricey for what you get, the experience and ambience is kinda worth it!

Obviously I wore another layer ;) - who am i kidding when it's only 4 degrees out!! 


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