Going frill ruffle mad with my new VIPme.com blouse

Good evening my loves.
TGIF yeahhhh!... and also thank god the weather is getting slightly warmer and sunnier!
Y E A H!
So tonight I'm talking FRILLZ with this awesome blouse I got from VIPme.com

It seems everyone is going absolutely frill ruffle mad this season!
From frilly tops, to ruffled trousers...and even sassy ass frilly shoes 
Who knows why but I'm guessing someones runway collection 'brought it back'
I'm not complaining! It's just funny how trends are somewhat dictated

Maybe one day I will make a trend ;) (i wish)

I was so thrilled when I received my little package in the mail from VIPme.com

(I literally always get excited when it lands on my desk even though I know whats inside *eyeroll*)

But I don't know, theres something about ordering online and getting a package that excites me more than lining up and buying in a store.

This blouse ticks all my boxes right now....

Frill and ruffles - Tick
Cute print - Tick
Cold shoulder - Tick
Looks cute on - Tick

So overall a pretty good item to be gracing my wardrobe

I love how it goes with high waisted jeans and mules, I actually felt pretty sassy wearing this to work.
I think for the next time I decide to wear it, It will be paired with my leather skirt and some cute booties..stay tuned for that!

And by the way I have an exclusive offer for anyone reading this and thinking 'oooh lemme go shop...'

Use the code Trixie 582 for $5 off orders over $50

You're very welcome!

Hope you guys find this look inspiring in some way!
Please let me know what you think - i love to hear from you
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But for now i'm peacin' out and most probably going to bed to catch some Z's

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