Lookin' for summer like....

So just as I thought that summer had finally made an appearance... hmm nope I was wrong!
Damn guys... its been a hell of a dull week here but DON'T FEAR I've got an outfit to share..
PLUS the top 5 places I want to visit & why!

So what did I actually do this weekend?
well the weather wasn't particularly great to do anything really... on and off rain and a little bit windy... who want's to go out when its like this (not me)
So my Saturday consisted of meeting up with Peter, getting a delicious omelette and fruit smoothie breakfast and then just really chillin' at my crib

P.s I'm tryna eat really good at the moment..

I've been pretty tired from going to they gym basically every day so I totally deserved a rest!

Later that night I met up with my girl and we went to a lil EP launch event down in lower east side.
Artists : Darnell Smitherson x Monk 'different days'
If you love hip hop / rap / trap you should deffo download it FREE here
Had some drinks, got semi lit then headed home...

Today I just ventured out for a little walk
Managed to get some snaps of my outfit before it rained cats and dogs lol
(some people looking at me like I'm crazy but Idec)

I'm literally lovviiinnnggg this denim blue 2 piece bodycon co-ord set which I got from Tobi
The tie up back is so frickin sassy I love it!
I also can't wait to wear it when I go on vacation to Miami :) I think it's going to look amazing on that golden sandy beach *huge sighhhh*

AND since it wasn't too warm out I wore my bright yellow fur coat from Goldie London
I picked up this coat from my UK trip back in feb and I'm still insanely in love with it!
Sunglasses are from Wearmepro which Is my go to sunglasses shop ;)

I literally can't stop thinking about my summer vacation! 
Someone please give me some tips on how to not want to be on a beach every 20 mins of the day?

So I'm going back to Miami with Peter around July / August time but I thought I would share with you guys what other places I would LOVE to visit

In no order...

CALIFORNIA - like I don't even know specifically where but I so want to go there! Probably LA and San fran!

JAPAN - Me and Peter were just speaking about how cool it would be to go to Osaka and Tokyo. It's just somewhere I have always wanted to go because the culture is so so different

ICELAND - It always looks so cute and quaint and I deffo want to bathe in the hot springs and see the northern lights!

NICARAGUA - I've heard so many great things about this place,  & even though I don't think it is a very popular destination I would love to go there because it's part of my Boyfriend's roots ( He's Dominican / Nicaraguan / Portuguese / Puerto rican) 
One of my fave bloggers (@sunitav_) went there too and it looked so amazing!

CHINA - Since i have a lot of Chinese friends I would love to explore china. My brother also went there and the great wall and some of the gardens look amazing! Also would love to visit hong kong and beijing!

If anyone has any cool travel recommendations please let me know!!

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  1. Nice Outfit!
    Amazing Clicks :)
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  2. Such lovely pictures, dear. You look stunning, as always:)

  3. if you like architecture and walking down the streets of old town, I would suggest some places in Europe: Prague is amazing, but also because I'm Polish I could recommend Polish cities like Cracow or GdaƄsk. Basically 3city is wonderful! Lots of nice people, culture, music, art, best vegan cuisine and beaches too!
    Also I am soo jealous about your body <3 you look stunning!

    1. Hey! ooh yes love architecture a lot. I have heard prague is amazing! My parents went there not so long ago. I would also love to visit Poland...my uncle is polish actually & I'm sure he would be happy if I visited! I've been to Lithuania and that was cool too! Awh thank you so much :) this makes me happy x

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