Good evening (or day) to all the lovely people reading this post!
I'm really trying to share a lot more style posts than before so here's another for this week!!

I'm also trying to write not only about my outfit, but also topics that I'm currently thinking about!
And this week is.... LIP JOBS!

So today and for a good few weeks now I've had this thought stuck in my head that I really want to get my top lip injected to be slightly plumper.

Now, I'm not sure whether it's the thousands of pictures of perfectly plump lipped girls on the explore page of Instagram OR the constant reminder from celebrities in magazines that it actually looks great on (but nobody actually knows if its a lip job, natural or just plain facetune / photoshop)

(photo courtesy: @baddiebaes)

UGH they all look so good!

I just cannot get the thought out of my damn head!

Why is there such a massive thing at the moment on what the ideal or perfect face looks like?
What is life? (lol)

Hmmm I just really think wow it would probably make me feel better about how I look... but it really SHOULDN'T. 
We should all be happy with what we have got but christ it's hard when every single day your mind is absolutely polluted with pics of hot ass gals with gorgeous big lips *sigh*

And does it even hurt?
How much does it cost?

*goes to youtube & types in 'my lip injection experience'*

Pink Top:

So I just watched a video and WHAT $600 a syringe WOW
I feel like I've made up my mind based on this haha!

And besides all this talk of 'syringes' is making me feel a bit green - even though i'm not a very squimish person at all.. Theres just something about needles in lips that makes me feel a bit strange.

Anyways imagine how many cute dresses you could buy like this... It's now only $27
*does the math*
Which means you'd be totally sorted for summer...

So what's the verdict then Trix?

I think i'm sassy enough right now (especially in this outfit) & don't really want to cash out on a lip job.
Perhaps if I suddenly win the lottery or something I would give it a go.
After all it does seem to be a semi permanent kinda thing.
But guys seriously... try to be happy with them smackers you've got & try not to let these crazy insta chicks influence you too much!
Think carefully & make the right choice for you :) 



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  2. awww thanks God you're not gonna do this, your lips are perfect!

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