THESE JOGGERS ARE TO DIE FOR!! (feat. my new dog friend - Guapo)


It's almost Friday HOORAY!
So what have I got for you guys today.....Ohhhhh only the deetz on where to scoop these AMAZING red floral joggers
-No biggie ;)

Seriously look at 'em!

I know right...
And the best thing is they are

Such a bargain....
And they are from FOREVER 21
Who by the way are doing a lot this year in terms of design.
I feel like they are so on point with trends!
And most importantly so so affordable
I also dig their gym wear too (maybe I'll do a post in future on the stuff I got?)

I paired them with possibly one of my fave sneakers
The nike uptempo
Top is Zara from a few seasons ago
Jacket is borrowed from Peter (but vintage)

So what about my new dog friend I hear you ask?

Meet Guapo!
So heres the story: 
Peter and I were shooting some pictures near to a local park and Guapo's owner approached and said how cool I looked (which was so nice!)
She told me that this lil pup wanted to get into modeling himself and asked me if I would like to have some pictures with him!
So obviously I was like Hell Yeah!
And doesn't he just look so adorable!?
By the way 'Guapo' Is spanish for handsome :-) and that he certainly is!
Hopefully soon he will have his very own portfolio and become a lil superstar :)

That's all from me today guys!
I soooo wish i had more for you guys but having a 9 to 5 makes this so hard!
Thanks for anyone who reads my blog I really really appreciate it


  1. You look so gorgeous ...dear

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