Hey guys! Happy Sunday and I hope you've all had a great weekend.
I just wanted to do a quick post talking about my vintage brand - NoFakes

It all started selling vintage and second hand clothes using the app - Depop.
I started doing this with a friend in the UK before I even moved to New York, which was just a kind of hobby to make a bit of pocket money for a rainy day (or some new shoes)
So yeah we were doing pretty well, then I moved to NYC and had to basically build up my following in the USA from scratch. Depop wasn't even available here when I first arrived, so I had to wait a few weeks for them to launch and also transfer my account.

Nofakes became nofakes NYC!

Anyway, I have been working pretty hard within the last few months on my brand. It was one of my goals this year to expand no fakes, so that's what I did!

I started with sunglasses, basically just a few different styles and colors, and actually I was surprised how well they sold and are still selling! It was a kind of risk for me because I really wasn't sure If they would sell or I would make my money back!

I've just developed some embroidery tees, and had them sampled. 
The response to them has been great - so I'm going to go ahead and get them ordered. Again very risky as I don't want to be left with hundreds of tees, but I'm hoping they will sell!

Here they are:

You can pre order them on the nofakes website now click here

I would love to know what you guys think of my new tees and just nofakes in general!
I'm really hoping to expand even more over 2018 so plz stay tuned and show some love if you digging it



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