Hey guys!
I did a little video on sunday covering 10 things you didn't know about me!
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Last week in review.

Hello my loves!
Hope everyone had a great weekend, I certainly had a more relaxed one that's for sure.
I hardly left my apartment! It was raining so hard and I didn't really fancy venturing out.

This is something new that I wanted to try....
As I focus most of my energy on my instagram account, my blog seems to be pretty neglected nowdays.

I thought maybe I can use my Insta posts on here instead of coming up with new content all the time.
It's pretty hard when I work all week, and all I want to do on weekends is relax
 I'm still not entirely sure how many people actually read my blog. If you are reading this post now, head over to my Instagram (trixandthecity) and comment a star on any of the above images.
It will be cute to see how many people actually read ( if any at all!)

HUGE December haul & try on! (Topshop IamGia Primark F21)


I know it has been a while! I have uploaded a video to Youtube showing my most recent buys.
Check it out guys & let me know what you think!
Also if you have any requests let me know!!

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Miami part 1 : Bikini edition with Zaful

Hey guys!
So I am back from my AHH mazing vacation in Miami!
It was so so fun, & a much needed break for me & my love.

In this post I want to share with you one of the most important things for summer vacation.... BIKINIS!


So with my summer vacation quickly approaching, I thought I would do a Zaful swimwear wishlist!
I've heard a lot about Zaful bikini's & I almost defo want to try out the brand myself!