Black Botanical dress by

To Spring or not to spring?
Don't think New York can decide what season it is in right now!
Guess thats why they say 'april showers'

Gingham Fever - Ft. & Tignanello Handbags

Hey guys!
So it's actually starting to get a little bit warmer in the city!! Hooray!
It was literally so cold up until this week, I'm actually loving this weather.
Not too hot / not too cold.

Anyway lets get to the outfit:


Hey Guys!
Really wanted to share this cute look with you all....
Read more to find out where this sassy lil' skirt is from!

Be my Valentine!

Hey guys!

So I've been absent from the blog for a while & thats because I visited good ol' blighty with my other half (The uk for anyone who doesn't know lol)
I will be posting my snaps and a vlog very very soon.

Anyways! I'm so glad to be back in the city for Valentines day, so many great places to take photos ;) 


Ahh Sundays in New York.
Gotta Love them!
So I spent my day firstly having a lil photoshoot with my friend Shiyi and Photographer Julius July.
We've worked with him before and he takes some lovely pics! (Search him on Insta)

So after visiting a gallery to get a couple snaps, me and Shiyi went in search for some lunch...